Dalton Matthews

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The Right Attitude

“I have always said that you can do anything if you set your mind to it,” said Dalton Matthews, who is a certified nursing aid, a phlebotomist, has his EMT-B license, and is now an RN.

Matthews – who had the motivation – teamed up with Spoon River College – who had the programs he needed – to move towards his ultimate goal, which is to be a nurse on a medical helicopter. It’s a goal he’s had since witnessing the work done by medical helicopter personnel years earlier when his grandmother had a stroke.

Working Towards A Goal

Matthews began gaining the knowledge and experience he would need by taking the CNA course offered at SRC while still a senior at West Prairie High School.

After graduating high school in 2009, Matthews joined the Colchester Fire Protection District, which prompted him to take the emergency medical technician course at the College – at the same time, he was also completing his general education courses.

A Supportive Mentor

Stephen Carson is Colchester’s fire chief and fire district EMS director, the owner and director of Jones Mortuary, and serves as the deputy coroner for McDonough County.  He has worked extensively with Matthews in stressful situations and has always been impressed with his professionalism.

“Whether we are on a call or he is helping out at the funeral home, Dalton is always level-headed, compassionate, and dependable,” said Carson. “He has great leadership qualities and is self-motivated. He will reach any goal he sets his mind to.”

One Step Closer

In May of 2013, Matthews received his Associate in Nursing Degree, and has already accepted a position at McDonough District Hospital on the acute care floor, where he will also be cross-trained for ICU.

“Pursuing a nursing education takes a lot of time, motivation, perseverance, devotion, and love of the profession, and my nursing ‘family’ kept me going,” said Matthews. “I was also lucky to be able to benefit from the years of life knowledge my classmates brought to the table. They all have a very special place in my heart and always will have.”

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