New Programs in Career and Technical Education

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“Spoon River College is aggressive in the pursuit and development of programs with the greatest potential for our graduates to obtain employment. Our new programs in Small Business Management and CIS are good examples of the product of those efforts,” said Mike Denum, Dean of Career & Technical Education. “We’ve always supported quality education, which leads to gainful employment opportunities for all of our students. New programs in Small Business and CIS are only the latest to join the extensive program roster at Spoon River College!”

Small Business Management
Out of the Big Box

Almost any job you’ll find in a large corporation, you’ll also find at a small business. In fact, The Small Business Association indicates that small businesses employ over half of all private sector employees, hire 40 percent of high-tech workers and make up 97.3 percent of all exporters, producing just over 30 percent of the nation’s export value.

Many communities are recognizing that small businesses deliver more character than chain stores… and character can make a community attractive to visitors.

The Spoon River College program in Small Business Management offers a mix of transfer and career courses for the student interested in owning or operating a small business. Students will learn the skills necessary to be successful in the development of a new business, including the management training necessary for advancement to supervisory positions in small businesses.

Computer Information Systems
Hello, Motherboard

To succeed in today’s competitive IT job market, whether looking for new opportunities or advancing in your current position, you need to build and demonstrate your technology expertise and skills. And research shows that individuals with the skills to design, implement, and maintain computer networks are in high demand.

The Computer Information Systems program at Spoon River College prepares students to work as computer network specialists or in their own networking and repair businesses. Students will learn to install, configure, and troubleshoot computer networks. The program provides training, resources, and certification opportunities that enhance student’s employability and encourage life-long learning.

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