Test your knowledge…

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How much do you know about your Spoon River College Foundation?

Budgets are tight and expenses continue to rise. How does the SRC Foundation make a difference?

Test your personal knowledge now!

1. What is the Mission of the  SRC Foundation?

A. To assist students by awarding scholarships

B. To provide funding for new facilities and technology upgrades

C. To sponsor community programs affiliated with SRC

D. All of the above

2. When was the SRC Foundation officially formed?

A. In 1959 when the college was established

B. In 2000

C. In 1979

D. In 1965

3. On average, how much does the Foundation award to meet its Mission each year?

A. $50,000

B. $100,000

C. $150,000

D. $240,000

4. What type of organization is the Foundation?

A. A 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization

B. A private corporation

C. An informal group of interested people

D. A corporation made up of SRC employees

5. How are funds raised to support the Foundation’s Mission?

A. Donor Campaigns

B. Major Gifts/Naming Rights

C. Special Events

D. All of the Above

6. Why does the Foundation sponsor community programs?

A. Only because they are fun

B. Because they bring awareness to Spoon River College

C. To assist with community and economic development

D. Both B and C

7. What categories of scholarships are available?

A. General scholarships

B. Dual credit scholarships

C. Named endowed scholarships

D. All of the above

8. What facility has the Foundation helped establish in the last eight years?

A. The SRC Havana Center

B. The Macomb Community Outreach Center

C. The SRC Rushville Center

9. Why is the Foundation administered through the Office of Community Outreach?

A. The college covers the costs of staff and office space so that 100% of donations are available to meet the Mission

B. The SRC Foundation and the College are the same entity

10. Are gifts to the Foundation recognized publicly?

A. Yes, always

B. Yes, if the donor wishes to be

C. No, never

Answer Key

1 – D

The Mission Statement of the SRC Foundation states: “Education is the key to an excellent future. The Spoon River College Foundation actively seeks resources to provide excellent educational opportunities to Spoon River College.” Our logo reflects our Mission with Foundation bricks indicating the major focus areas of the organization – Programs, Scholarships, Facilities.

2 – C

The Foundation was officially established on May 21, 1979 – 20 years after the establishment of Canton Community College (which became Spoon River College). The first board had nine members: John Winsor, Al Cooper, Jack Stites, Otto Stephenitch, Edward Walker, Walter Karrick, James Montague, Paul Gianini, and Lowell Fisher.

3 – D

The SRC Foundation awards an average of $240,000 per year for scholarships, innovation grants to faculty and staff, facility and technology upgrades (such as Technology Enhanced Classrooms), programs that benefit students and the communities served by the college, and many other Mission-related projects. Good stewardship practices, backed by strong not-for-profit policies, are paramount to the Foundation’s continued success.

4 – A

The SRC Foundation is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization created under the General Not for Profit Corporation Act. Annual filings are made with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, and the Foundation complies with the ethical standards in the Association of Fundraisers’ Donor Bill of Rights. Contributions are tax deductible under applicable laws.

5 – D

The SRC Foundation sponsors several campaigns including the Annual Campaign, the Board of Trustees/Board of Directors Campaign, and a very robust SRC Employees’ Campaign. Other campaigns – such as the 2009 SRC 50th Anniversary Campaign – occur to mark special events, milestones, or projects. Donors also make major gifts, establish named endowed scholarships with a minimum investment of $10,000, or contribute funds which result in naming rights for rooms or facilities. Some donors take advantage of matching gifts programs through their employers. The Foundation also sponsors several special events – such as the Macomb Celebrity Waiter Dinner and the Canton Golf Outing – which raise additional funds for specified purposes. The Foundation also receives funds through estate planning and Legacy gifts.

6 – D

Projects such as the SRC Community Chorus, the Spoon River Reads program, and the award-winning Retirees Leading Initiative/Plus 50 Program initiate a broader awareness of all the offerings available at Spoon River College. The Retirees Leading Initiative won the national Met Life Mind Alert award in 2013 and the Illinois Governors’ Cup Finalist Award in 2008.

7 – D

Scholarships are available annually to students from all walks of life. Named Endowed Scholarships are given in the name of people or organizations in perpetuity – that means those scholarships will exist FOREVER based on interest earned. Scholarships are also available to district high school students who are taking classes through SRC but earn both high school and college credit. Flow-through scholarships occur when people or organizations provide annual amounts to the Foundation. Completing the annual scholarship application process is all that is needed for students to become eligible for ALL scholarships. Information about scholarships
can be foundation at


8 – B

While the Foundation assisted with some of the furnishings for the Havana Center and Rushville Center in 2008-09, the Foundation was instrumental in helping to establish the Macomb Community Outreach Center on East Jackson in Macomb. Several entities contributed to naming rights opportunities, such as the MidAmerica National Bank Conference Hall which seats 300. The Foundation will be instrumental in assisting with the Macomb Campus through a capital campaign in the coming years.

9 – A

The SRC Foundation is a separate corporation, but the College contributes to the Foundation by providing one full-time and three part-time staff people and an office for the Foundation’s operations. This enables the Foundation to use all contributions to meet its Mission.

10 – B

Gifts are recognized in several ways. Donors receive a thank you letter in recognition of their gifts. In addition, donors are acknowledged at the President’s Reception each year, listed on the Foundation website, and recognized with a plaque on the Foundation’s Donor Walls of Honor when they have reached specific contribution levels. A donor may certainly request to remain anonymous, and the information will not be shared. The Foundation does not sell its contributors’ personal information.

So that’s it… YOU WIN! No matter how many answers you got right, you are now better informed about the SRC Foundation and that awareness is what makes all of us winners… the community, the donors, the students, the faculty and staff… everyone! Thanks for playing, and we hope you will consider becoming a donor to the SRC Foundation in 2013-14! Visit www.src.edu/foundation or call us at (309) 647-6260 to learn even more.


SRC foundation staff

Please feel free to contact any of the staff for information about the Foundation, for donation opportunities, or to offer suggestions or comments.

Carol Davis
Vice President of Community Outreach
Executive Director, SRC Foundation

Emily Gillett
Foundation Coordinator

Megan Kelly
Fiscal Officer

Lori Murphy
Senior Office Assistant

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