The Return of the SRC Drama Program

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Douglas Okey, SRC English and Drama instructor, revitalized the SRC Drama Program in Fall 2014 after a nearly-two-year hiatus!  As before, the Drama Program will have an academic curriculum that includes acting courses as well as drama-oriented classes for humanities and fine-arts credit. The program is planning student-centered performances with productions in both fall and spring semesters each year. Finally, performing grants (scholarships) to recognize and reward the work of talented students will also be reintroduced.

The SRC Drama Program has produced graduates who have gone onto careers in performance, including TV and film actor David Pires and, most recently, New York stage performer Kyle Motsinger. A student from the 1990s, Jacob Welch, is a theatre professor and award-winning lighting designer.

In the years since founding director Bob Gorg retired in 2008, the program has undergone various transitions. In the 2013-14 academic year, the program was in hiatus for the purpose of rebuilding. During that year, the “black-box” theatre production space was extensively renovated and updated through the expert consultation of SRC graduate Jacob Welch.

For more information about opportunities in the SRC Drama Program, contact Douglas Okey
at 309-649-6308 or

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