Home of the Snappers

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SRC_snappersSpoon River College’s mascot was chosen as the Snapper in April 2013, and in March 2014, our mascot was named Sheldon – all through Facebook voting. It is now time to meet Sheldon in the flesh! Or, well… the scales! In September of 2015, Sheldon came to life with a costume designed just for him. So far, he has been loved by our students and the young at heart in our communities.

Sheldon’s home, or more accurately, the home of our athletic/intramural program and many other future events, is currently under construction. All of us at Spoon River College have enjoyed watching the progress of what will be a 27,000 square-foot Multi-Purpose Facility, but its completion date is uncertain at this point due to the freeze in the State of Illinois budget. The target completion date was May 2016.

On our own, we will finish enclosing the building before winter begins to lessen the effects of extreme weather. We are also analyzing options for temporary heat in the building over the winter months to try to prevent any damage from winter weather on the interior.

Now, we eagerly await the State of Illinois budget and the remainder of the funding for this state project.

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