Student Spotlight: Jacob Prisby

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Jacob Prisby is a 26-year old full-time student, an active member of the Army National Guard, and a single parent to 2-year old twin daughters, Allison Hope and Madison Faith.

“We’re the Three Amigos. Unless I’m at school or on drill, they are with me,” said Prisby, who relies on his grandparents for child care when he can’t be there.

In his second year at SRC, Prisby is using his veteran’s benefits to pay for his education. He enrolled after finding out he was going to be a father.

“I knew it was time to get serious,” said Prisby. “The military taught me patience, resiliency, and respect. Those traits are helping me now as I attend school and raise my girls.”

Prisby, who says he has always been interested in solving mysteries, hopes to transfer and pursue a criminal justice degree. “I want to be the one who finally figures out who Jack the Ripper was!”

Right now though, Prisby takes it one day at a time. “I may have to take a break, or just do some online classes for a while. My girls have to come first.”

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